DOWNDRAFT.COM offers a full line of DUST, SMOKE, FUME & ODOR collection equipment to the industrial manufacturing community.

The Best Downdraft Tables in the Business

Let’s face it, there are just some leftovers from machinery operations that are not easy to clean up. Sanding, grinding, and deburring, as well as polishing and welding, are actions that produce a significant amount of dust. Even in the course of half a work day, the processes performed by many workers can generate an unseemly amount of airborne particulate. Getting rid of this dust and buildup is a chore, especially when you need to do so quickly and effectively.

Fortunately for you, we have a fantastic solution! Our downdraft tables and booths are equipped to eliminate dust, smoke, odor, dust, fumes, and mist from your production facility. We offer a full line of collection equipment that is perfect for virtually any company in the industrial manufacturing community.

A Quality Downdraft Booth Gets the Job Done Right

The downdraft booths that we carry are the best in the business, no two ways around it. Using our wet downdraft table or downdraft booth will easily collect aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. Plus, we offer a DualDraw downdraft booth engineered to resolve air pollution problems in the workplace. With the help of our lines of patented, high quality industrial downdraft table and booth options, we can help you in a wide variety of ways:
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to harmful substances
  • Draw polluted air away from breathing zones
  • Accommodate various sized equipment
  • Operate a comfortable noise level
  • Meet or exceed OSHA and EPA standards
  • High efficiency filters come standard for effective air cleansing

  • A Walk-In Booth for Added Comfort and Maneuverability

    Here at Technical Sales, we pride ourselves on offering customers the very best in the industry. Our effort to accomplish this is understandably linked to all of the products we offer, including our customizable walk-in booth options. These booths utilize “Regain Air” to capitalize on the multiplied ventilation effect of “pushing” clean air across the front of the booth as the blower “pulls” contaminated air into the filters. It truly is a dust capture work horse – a fact which our customers inevitably realize when they utilize the fully implemented, adjustable push/pull regain air system that our walk-in booths are characterized by.

    Air Safety Relief from a Downdraft Table

    Everyday around the world domestic and international companies in need of workplace air safety relief can get it with a top notch downdraft table. We’ve made our mark in the downdraft table market by meeting the needs of businesses of every background, including: Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, federal, state, and local government entities, and numerous small businesses. The wide variety of downdraft table options that we provide our customers are available in an array of standard sizes, but we also offer custom sizes and configurations to meet any and all production challenges our clientele may face. Ultimately, we have been so successful in this industry because we know the needs of our customers and we listen to them and react appropriately. Be sure to browse all of our site and discover each of the wonderful products we have to offer. Also, check out our sister site for all of your production needs. Thanks for stopping by!

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