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Cyclonic Mist Eliminators

Cyclonic mist eliminators are a great way to extend, and potentially double filter life by acting as a pre-filtering device, removing 85% to 95% of coolant before entering the main filtration system. Generally mounted in-line to the ductwork in a vertical or horizontal configuration, these cyclonic mist eliminators have no moving parts, and are virtually maintenance free.

Note: If mounted vertically, a downflow configuration is optimal.

Product highlights:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Allows coolant to be recycled directly back to reservoir
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4″ 250 – 600 1″ of water
6″ 600 – 1000 1″ of water
8″ 1000 – 1600 1″ of water
10″ 1600 – 2300 1″ of water
12″ 2300 – 3200 1″ of water
14″ 3200 – 4000 1″ of water
16″ 4000 – 5300 1″ of water
18″ 5300 – 6200 1″ of water

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