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Ducted Wet Dust Collectors

Wet dust collectors are designed for the safe and efficient capture/collection of flammable or explosive metal dusts generated from aluminum, magnesium, titanium or similar metals.

These compact wet dust collectors are available in stainless steel or galvanized steel construction, with a solid top and side collared inlets. This simple crossover design allows for economy and proven efficiency and success in 8000 CFM and smaller wet dust collectors. The high-efficiency impeller type wet collector in stainless steel represents a long-lived, economical wet collector at a low cost. Automatic Electronic Water Level Control is provided with a 5 probe design and multiple alert features (required for magnesium dust collection along with the 24/7 vent design). Automatic electronic water level control and motor controls/starters are standard unless otherwise directed by the customer.

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  • 12 gauge stainless steel construction for all metal surfaces that are in contact with water; non-wetted surface construction to be 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Motor and blower are of a direct drive plug fan design; TEFC motor with backward inclined impeller wheel design; non-sparking
  • Impeller to have at least a double water reversal design and have a minimum of 3” to 4” of pressure loss
  • Sludge collection tub to be angled and have clear access for removal of sludge
  • Automatic water level control (5 probe design) is supplied on all units unless otherwise requested by the customer
  • An after filter/mist eliminator combination is included to capture any fugitive mist; it is constructed of polyester or other equally water resistant material and is enclosed in a metal frame that provides rigid support for the filters
  • The blower outlet chamber is lined with a minimum of ½” closed cell poly foam

The Unit in Action


HazDust – 1800 Ducted 1800 5.0 8″ 28″ x 48″ x 84″
HazDust – 3000 Ducted 3000 7.5 10″ 36″ x 48″ x 84″
HazDust – 4000 Ducted 4000 7.5 12″ 48″ x 48″ x 84″
HazDust – 4500 Ducted 4500 10.0 14″ 72″ x 48″ x 84″

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