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Portable Fume & Odor Booth

The portable fume and odor booth is a very versatile fume filtration unit, primarily designed to filter paint can fumes and flammable solvent fumes.

The Portable Fume Booth is available in several configurations:

  • With a 30” or 48” inch wide downdraft table
  • A back-draft hood
  • A 6” or 8” inlet collar or a 6” or 8” extraction arm

The blower motor options are a 1 or 1.5 HP motor. Standard filters for paint fumes consist of a ring polyester pad to handle the sticky paint fumes, a MERV 14 fiberglass filter to remove fine particulate, and two refillable 28 lb cartridges containing activated carbon for the odor. If required, we can also add a HEPA filter. The portable fume and odor booth can also be used as a mist spray off booth by changing the filters and adding a drain.

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Product Specifications

  • Filters mist, dust, smoke, fume and odor vapor
  • Nominal 1,000 to 1,900 cfm depending on motor HP

  • Four stages of filtration
  • Minihelic gauge for quick reference of filter loading for ease of maintenance
  • 30 or 48-inch wide downdraft table with hinged side shields
  • Optional collar or extraction arm inlets
  • Standard 1ph/110v with On/Off switch

The Unit in Action


PFB2430 24″ x 30″ w/ Table 1,000 1.0 40” x 36” x 76”
PFB2448 24″ x 48″ w/ Table 1,900 1.5 40” x 48” x 76”

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