Superior Downdraft Tables

Dry Downdraft Table
Downdraft tables provide thousands of domestic and international customers with workplace related air safety relief. Our focus on industrial equipment allows us the opportunity to serve a wide customer base including Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, federal, state and local government entities, and many small businesses.

The downdraft tables we offer aid in the protection of the operator from exposure to dust, odors, and fumes from their finishing processes. Companies looking to be proactive can benefit from the products, which safeguard employees from toxic and carcinogenic fumes. Other businesses that can benefit include those caught using outdated practices of airborne particulate elimination. When these businesses are mandated by OSHA to maintain a safe work environment, is there to answer the call.

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Application Guide

One of our downdraft tables in action:


Downdraft Tables for Deburring

There are many companies that include deburring as part of their manufacturing and/or production processes. The removal of these small shavings and particles produces a generous amount of dust and airborne particulate. In turn, this dust and airborne particulate can be very harmful to the workers if not removed safely and efficiently. Our downdraft tables do just that, and perform the necessary capture and filtration to make the air more breathable, time and time again.

Downdraft Tables for Grinding

Similar to deburring, grinding is a process that leaves behind a considerable amount of dust and refuse. Ultimately, the grinding process shapes and finishes components: the grinding dust requires removal and our downdraft tables are more than up to the task!

Downdraft Tables for Sanding

Achieving the smooth feel of various materials comes at a cost – but fortunately that cost does not have to be the health of the worker. When our downdraft tables are put to use, they make the work environment cleaner and provide cleaner air to breathe.

Downdraft Tables for Welding 

Fusing two metals together is an important production process that results in smoke and airborne particulates. Countless workers are exposed to the polluted air that is created from welding, and our downdraft tables filter that air to meet OSHA standards. sells high-quality industrial grade downdraft tables to address indoor air quality issues in the workplace by:

  • Reducing the risk of operator exposure to harmful substances
  • The capture of metal dust from deburring/grinding; welding smoke capture; fume and vapor reduction
  • Drawing polluted air away from operator breathing zones
  • Increasing pollutant capture area through vented back technology
  • Accommodating various sizes and types of production equipment
  • Increasing employee and operator safety and comfort levels
  • Operating at a comfortable noise level
  • Helping to meet or exceed OSHA and EPA standards
  • Being equipped with high efficiency filters for effective air cleansing
  • Tables are available in a variety of standard sizes; custom sizes and configurations are available to meet your production challenges
  • Competitively priced; outstanding value

The APB series of downdraft tables with self-cleaning filter cartridges require very little maintenance

Wet Downdraft Table

Our wet downdraft tables are typically used for the capture of explosive and/or flammable metal dusts (including aluminum,titanium, magnesium, and other hazardous materials)

Personal Downdraft Table

Portable “personal” downdraft tables are ideal for work cell and small parts processing