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Downdraft Tables and Booths: Equipment & Technology

DOWNDRAFT.COM – and its parent company MTA Technical Sales distributes and sells ruggedized, high-quality industrial air filtration equipment that is engineered and fabricated by the finest machine manufacturers in the USA. Ready to meet the task at hand all manner of industrial airborne contaminants are efficiently captured. Contaminated air is drawn into the air filtration unit and clean, filtered return air is exhausted back into the work environment after having been scrubbed. Energy efficient motors and related components are used for reduced energy consumption.

DOWNDRAFT.COM was founded on the principle of helping people breathe easier. This has been accomplished by selling for manufacturers that are innovative and with outstanding customer service and support through the development of high-quality air filtration safety products for industrial use. These products are used by thousands of customers each day across the globe to serve their safety and air quality needs. We are active and available on a daily basis to assist you with any technical questions you may have FREE OF CHARGE. Our expertise has provided customers with effective OSHA approved solutions for over 40 years.

Based upon the philosophy of “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, we plan on being in business and a marketing force well into the future.

The ongoing support of our loyal customers is the greatest compliment we could be paid.

A few of the many DOWNDRAFT.COM benefits include:

  • We provide a safe breathing zone for operators through downdraft air movement
  • Patented symmetrical airflow designs for enhanced downdraft performance
  • Self-contained solutions; no negative effect on customer HVAC systems
  • Low operating noise levels
  • We help our customers meet OSHA, EPA, CDC, GSA and other governmental standards
  • Portability if desired – many units come with optional caster wheel systems
  • Experienced management team with a strong focus on customer service
  • Our products increase worker productivity; reducing absenteeism
  • Standard and customizable air filtration and downdraft solutions
  • Quick turnaround and quick delivery

We sell industrial air filtration, mist collection, and downdraft tables that utilize a patented symmetrical airflow design and provide customers with enhanced safety and hazard elimination. These products dramatically help our customers meet tough OSHA and EPA air quality standards. Solutions include self-contained filter systems and are designed to eliminate airborne hazards based on the customer process performed. Typically our industrial equipment is used in manufacturing environments although we also have specialized products for laboratories, classrooms, and even private residences. DOWNDRAFT.COM industrial products help eliminate airborne hazards from worker breathing zones.

Our company has specialized in airborne dust and coolant mist filtration since 1991. We offer competitive pricing on thousands of mist and dust related filtration products, including replacement filters for OEM’s such as Donaldson-Torit, Aercology, Air Flow Systems, Trion, Camfil-Farr, and many others. We have available a full assortment of filter bags for bag houses, cabinet bags, liquid filter bags, fuel, oil, and hydraulic filters. Our extensive cross-reference library allows us to sometimes find those “hard-to-find” replacement filters. We now also carry a variety of mist and dust collection equipment including the patented Eliminator® which removes up to 95% of wet coolant mist before it ever touches a filter.

Our Mission Statement

DOWNDRAFT.COM and MTA Technical Sales (the parent company) will be recognized by its customers, competitors and suppliers as a sales and service organization (along with its various affiliations and associations) of the highest ethics, integrity and moral character. MTA will strive to be the standard by which other sales organizations are judged.

DOWNDRAFT and MTA will consistently provide the most appropriate and cost-effective products and value-added services to meet customer application requirements. DOWNDRAFT and MTA customers will always be treated with courtesy, professionalism, and respect as should be accorded to all.

DOWNDRAFT and MTA are in the business of providing solutions, value-added services and selling industrial equipment. We will always place the best solution to an engineering challenge above the sale of equipment. While engineering differences occasionally may arise, the most appropriate solution to those challenges will always be the primary goal of DOWNDRAFT.COM and MTA sales, support and service activities.

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