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Dry and Wet Downdraft Booths

High-Quality Downdraft Booths

Downdraft booths offer some distinct advantages when compared to downdraft tables. These booths feature an enclosed downdraft workspace which significantly decreases the risk of cross drafts and direct airflow in a highly efficient manner.

Wet downdraft booths not only offer an enclosed downdraft workspace, they are also designed for the safe and efficient capture/collection of flammable or explosive metal dusts such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium or similar metals. They use water as their primary filtration method to capture the combustible dust and particulate.

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Dry Downdraft Booths
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Vented-back wet downdraft booth
Wet Downdraft Booths
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Why Downdraft Booths Are Useful Tools

There are many companies that include deburring as part of their manufacturing and/or production processes. The removal of these small shavings and particles produces a generous amount of dust and airborne particulate. In turn, this dust and airborne particulate can be very harmful to the workers if not removed safely and efficiently. Our downdraft tables do just that, and perform the necessary capture and filtration to make the air more breathable, time and time again.
Similar to deburring, grinding is a process that leaves behind a considerable amount of dust and refuse. Ultimately, the grinding process shapes and finishes components: the grinding dust requires removal and our downdraft tables are more than up to the task!
Achieving the smooth feel of various materials comes at a cost – but fortunately that cost does not have to be the health of the worker. When our downdraft tables are put to use, they make the work environment cleaner and provide cleaner air to breathe.
Fusing two metals together is an important production process that results in smoke and airborne particulates. Countless workers are exposed to the polluted air that is created from welding, and our downdraft tables filter that air to meet OSHA standards.

The Booth in Action

The video shows the outstanding build quality and a few of the applications where this unit can be utilized. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 784-5816 or fill out the brief form below.

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