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The Versatility of Portable Workstations

Portable downdraft workstations have a wide variety of advantages in certain situations. They are designed to be a cost-effective, highly efficient, alternative solution when filtering dusts, fume, smoke, gasses, and vapors. Heavy-duty caster wheels allow the portable downdraft workstations to be easily placed where most needed and then quickly re-located or stored if desired.

Keeping their portability, versatility, and ease of use in mind, they were also designed to plug directly into any standard 110v single phase wall outlet, literally making them 100% ‘plug-and-play’.

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Portable Downdraft Workstations
SPCB portable self-cleaning downdraft bench
Self-Cleaning Portable Workstations
Portable fume and odor booth
Portable Fume & Odor Booths
SPC Portable Fume and Smoke Extractor
Portable Fume & Smoke Collectors
BOFA Laser Fume Extractor
Laser Fume Extraction Systems

Why Portable Workstations Are Useful Tools

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