Company Mission & History Statements

Mission Statement

DOWNDRAFT.COM and MTA Technical Sales (the parent company) will be recognized by its customers, competitors and suppliers as a sales and service organization (along with its various affiliations and associations) of the highest ethics, integrity and moral character. MTA will strive to be the standard by which other sales organizations are judged.

DOWNDRAFT and MTA will consistently provide the most appropriate and cost effective products and value added services to meet customer application requirements. DOWNDRAFT and MTA customers will always be treated with courtesy, professionalism and respect as should be accorded to all.

DOWNDRAFT and MTA are in the business of providing solutions, value added services and selling industrial equipment. We will always place the best solution to an engineering challenge above the sale of equipment. While engineering differences occasionally may arise, the most appropriate solution to those challenges will always be the primary goal of DOWNDRAFT.COM and MTA sales, support and service activities.

Company History

From modest beginnings, MTA Technical Sales has been marketing industrial machinery for approximately 30 years. With no customers to sell to; with no factories to sell for; with no products to sell – we persevered and prospered. MTA markets its products nationally and internationally. Various sub-representatives and sales associates sell and service within the composite marketing area.

The product lines represented by MTA are listed in the Partners web page. Equipment manufacturers represented are listed in the Sitemap

Based upon the philosophy of “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, we plan on being in business and a marketing force well into the future.

The ongoing support of our loyal customers is the greatest compliment we could be paid.

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