Vertical Cartridge Down Flow Dust Collectors

Vertical cartridge downflow dust collector

Vertical Cartridge Down Flow Dust Collectors (VCDF Series) are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts and fumes generated from sanding, grinding, welding, laser cutting, wood working and similar processes. Typically utilized for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants, the VCDF series collectors are provided with a self-cleaning, patented reverse pulse down flow filter cleaning to maintain a consistently high level of performance.

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Model # No. of Filters Sq Ft. Media Dimensions H x W x D Weight
VCDF-2 4 1016 155″ x 32″ x 45″ 1160
VCDF-3 6 1524 171″ x 80″ x 24″ 1888
VCDF-4 8 2032 158″ x 64″ x 33″ 1790
VCDF-6 12 3048 171″ x 84″ x 33″ 2465
VCDF-9 18 4572 171″ x 89″ x 48″ 3395
VCDF-12 24 6096 191″ x 106″ x 48″ 4050
VCDF-18 32 8128 189″ x 106″ x 64″ 5025

  • Small tube sheet design
  • One filter stack per 3/16″ thick steel plate
  • Tube sheet is seam welded to clean air plenum which eliminates distortion and dust bypass
  • Cartridge filters are arranged in the vertical position to maintain the structural integrity of the filter and consistency in the air to cloth ratio for each filter
  • Cartridge filters are secured externally with a locking device to eliminate process and clean air restrictions
  • Down flow vertical cartridge designed for:
    • Uniform loading of filters
    • Minimized filter media abrasion
    • Down flow process air enhances filter cleaning in a downward direction towards hopper
    • Area below cartridges has no airflow which acts as a true settling chamber for dust to fall out of the air-stream into the hopper; process air never reaches hopper so re-entrainment never occurs in the hopper
    • Filter area is not reduced compared to horizontally mounted cartridges where 22% to 25% of the top of the filter is blocked from dust settling
    • 90 degree filter cartridge rotation is not required maintenance due to this true down flow air design

Vertical cartridge down flow installation

  • Remote or floor mounted blowers
  • Blower exhaust silencers
  • Variety of cartridge media
  • Electronic pulse controller
  • Explosion door with latches
  • Dust drawer or leg support modifications
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Rotary air locks
  • Electric motor starters