Wet Downdraft Tables For Magnesium Dust Capture

Our wet downdraft tables for magnesium dust capture are very similar to the units designed for the collection of aluminum and titanium dust. Since a byproduct of the combination of magnesium and water is hydrogen gas, safety regulations (NFPA 651) require continuous and uninterrupted exhaust of the combustible gas.  To meet this requirement a magnesium constant ventilation fan has been design and incorporated in to our units to allow for exhausting of the tub 24/7 once magnesium dust is present. Electrical controls for the control of this design are incorporated as part of the equipment.

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Our wet downdraft table
Our unit’s filters are easy access and easy to clean.
After filters are easy access and easy to clean.

Model Number Dimensions (D x W) CFM Face Velocity Motor
DB-3 30″ X 30″ 2000 400 FPM 3 HP
DB-4 36″ x 48″ 4000 400FPM 5 HP
DB-5 36″ x60″ 5000 400 FPM 5 HP
DB-6 36″ x 72″ 6000 400 FPM 7.5 HP

Our wet downdraft table layout

Our wet downdraft table illustrated with optional hinged and removable side wing panels and optional lighting package.
Magnesium constant ventilation fan to exhaust hazardous gases 24/7.

  • 12 gauge stainless steel construction for all metal surfaces that are in contact with water; non-wetted surface construction to be 14 gauge stainless steel
  • motor and blower are of a direct drive plug fan design; TEFC motor with backward inclined impeller wheel design; non-sparking
  • impeller to have at least a double (twice) water reversal design and have a minimum of 3” to 4” of pressure loss
  • sludge collection tub to be angled and have clear access for removal of sludge
  • automatic water level control supplied on all units unless otherwise requested by customer
  • magnesium constant ventilation fan for exhausting of the
    tub 24/7 once magnesium dust is present
  • an after filter/mist eliminator combination is included to capture any fugitive mist; it is constructed of polyester or other equally water resistant material and is enclosed in a metal frame that provides rigid support for the filters
  • the blower outlet chamber are lined with minimum of ½” closed cell poly foam
  • heavy duty grating is provided with options for a variety of soft cover materials for part protection

  • Hinged and removable side wing panels
  • Galvanized awning with full length plastic strip side panels
  • Rubber soft top or fiberglass heavy duty grating
  • Full combination magnetic motor starters
  • 3/4 HP vent fan for off line positive air flow
  • Fluorescent overhead lighting