“Dual Draw” Style of Downdraft Booths

Superior Downdraft Booths

The downdraft booth style allows for maximum containment of dust and fumes through its 5-sided enclosure that surrounds the downdraft work surface and vented back. The enclosed workspace of the booth design significantly decreases risk of cross drafts and directs airflow in a highly efficient manner. For these reasons, this style of equipment is an optimal choice for some of the most hazardous applications.

Similar to our downdraft tables, the size and filtration system of the desired downdraft booth are always configured based on the particular customer application. In collaboration with the customer, an efficient assessment of both the process being performed and hazard in question will result in the downdraft booth specification best suited to address the customer’s concerns.

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Downdraft Booth
Model Work Surface Nominal CFM Table Capacity Average Face Velocity Size: D x W x H
TB3036 30″ x 36″ 1200 500 lbs. 150 – 180 FPM 54″ X 36″ X 80″
TB3036A 30″ x 36″ 2000 500 lbs. 200 – 240 FPM 54″ X 36″ X 80″
TB3048 30″ x 48″ 2000 500 – 750 lbs. 120 – 150 FPM 54″ X 48″ X 80″
TB3060 30″ x 60″ 2500 1000 lbs. 120 – 135 FPM 54″ X 60″ X 80″
TB3072 30″ x 72″ 3000 1000 lbs. 100 – 140 FPM 54″ X 72″ X 80″
TB3072A 30″ x 72″ 5000 1000 lbs. 220 – 280 FPM 54″ X 72″ X 80″
TB3096 30″ x 96″ 4000 1500 lbs. 120 – 150 FPM 54″ X 96″ X 80″

Although downdraft booths and downdraft tables perform similar functions, there are key differences, namely:

  • Fixed Back Wall
  • Fixed Side Walls
  • Roof
  • Integrated Lighting
  • Overhead lighting for maximum dust capture
  • Airborne particulates are captured through both the back wall and table work surface.

Downdraft Booths for Deburring 

There are many companies that include deburring as part of their manufacturing and/or production processes. The removal of these small shavings and particles produces a generous amount of dust and airborne particulate. In turn, this dust and airborne particulate can be very harmful to the workers if not removed safely and efficiently. Our downdraft booths do just that, and perform the necessary capture and filtration to make the air more breathable, time and time again.

Downdraft Booths for Grinding

Similar to deburring, grinding is a process that leaves behind a considerable amount of dust and refuse. Ultimately, the grinding process shapes and finishes components: the grinding dust requires removal and our downdraft booths are more than up to the task!

Downdraft Booths for Sanding

Achieving the smooth feel of various materials comes at a cost – but fortunately that cost does not have to be the health of the worker. When our downdraft booths are put to use, they make the work environment cleaner and provide cleaner air to breathe.

Downdraft Booths for Welding

Fusing two metals together is an important production process that results in smoke and airborne particulates. Countless workers are exposed to the polluted air that is created from welding, and our downdraft booths filter that air to meet OSHA standards.

Like the downdraft tables presented elsewhere on this site, our DualDraw patented, high-quality, industrial downdraft booths resolve air pollution problems in the workplace by:

  • reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances
  • draws polluted air away from breathing zones
  • patented vented back increases pollutant capture area
  • accommodates various sized equipment
  • increases employee and operator safety and comfort levels
  • operates a comfortable noise level
  • helps meet or exceed OSHA and EPA standards
  • equipped with high efficiency filters for effective air cleansing
  • optional caster wheels available for easy movement
  • booths are available in various standard sizes; custom sizes and configurations are available
  • flat top down draft tables available
  • competitively priced; outstanding value

Downdraft Booth Diagram

  • Average Face Velocity = 150 – 400 FPM(dependent upon blower/motor combination)
  • 2000 CFM – 6000 CFM (nominal) blowers
  • 14 and 16 Gauge uni-body construction
  • Direct drive blower motor
  • Large work surface for a range of applications
  • Full back, side and ceiling panels
  • Removable clean-out tray in filter housing
  • Completely self-contained; no outside ducting necessary
  • Helps meet OSHA requirement 1910:1000 for industrial air quality
  • Custom is standard

  • HEPA filtration; 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns
  • Caster wheel system for easy movement
  • Rubber table mats for non-scratch working surface
  • Removable dust pan in main body of unit for easy clean-out
  • Multiple color options available (contact us for details)

ADA wheelchair accessible downdraft table
DualDraw is the first company to manufacture downdraft tables and downdraft booths that have been designed with the disabled in mind. They are wheelchair accessible for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. All employees – including the physically challenged – should be able to work in a safe and comfortable environment designed to meet their needs. All downdraft tables and downdraft booths have plenty of table top room for extra tools and accessories. Electrical outlets are provided and are within easy reach.